Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Infection Control Practitioner - Infection Control


Minimum 1 Year of relevant experience


Diploma in General Nursing or BScN, Diploma in Infection Prevention & Control

Last Date

8/21/2022 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

Job Description:

·        Act under the supervision of infection control manager/HOD Infection           Control.

·    Help create and maintain an environment which will ensure the safety of the patient, his or her relatives, visitors and health care workers using infection control knowledge, communication skills, nursing and teaching skills and attitudes appropriate to each situation.

·       Conduct regular rounds in hospital for discussing, monitoring and following the   practices of infection control with staff.

·  Participates in Quality Improvement activities, committees and projects as assigned.

·   Monitoring and continuous surveillance of approved infection control clinical indicators, preparation of end of month data and associated reports as requested.

·        Identifies problem areas, infection control concerns or increased rates of infections and brings these to the attention of I.C manager/HOD in a timely manner.

·      Make infection control policies according to the need, department and/or facilities available at hospital, disseminate to the concern departments and ensure the availability and access of staff to these policies.

·       Collect data on infections from hospital departments and maintaining records for every case.

·        Liaise between clinical areas and the Infection Control Team.

·        Conduct training sessions to ensure constant implementation of infection control practices.

·  Inform I.C manager/HOD and ID team of any compromised and/or infected patients to ensure appropriate patient care and precautions.

·        Regularly arrange monthly infection control committee meetings.

·        In outbreak of infectious disease situations, ensure the implementation of control measures, review of practices, communication of events, and compilation of reports on the nature of the incident as well as recommendations for future control.

·        Ensure the availability of needed supplies and report in case of unavailability.

·        To take every opportunity to update and extend his or her knowledge of Infection Control.

·        Monitor the execution of preventive measures and providing guidance to staff.

·        Report any interference for the implementation of infection control practices.

  • Making sure that staff is free from any infectious disease.
  • Collect patient’s culture reports from microbiology lab regularly, follow and investigate the incidents of hospital infections and teach precaution measurements to the staff accordingly.
  • Coordinate with school of nursing in arranging teaching and training sessions for nursing students.
  •  Initiate emergency safety practices as needed.